Great Oak is located at 500 Little Lake Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. The phone number for the common house is (734) 929-6565.

Detailed bicycle, bus/public transit (also see the Scio connector schedule (WAVE) for weekday bus from the AATA route #9 stop) or driving directions (click on the yellow icon in the middle of the map and then click on "Directions") and a map of our campus with buildings with unit numbers and on-street parking labelled in blue along Little Lake Drive:

A more detailed, printable map, is available: great-oak-directions.pdf


Visitors are encouraged to park along Little Lake Drive, but may also park in any parking spot that is not marked for the disabled or as reserved. Please do not park in front of the barricades. Cars and trucks are only permitted inside the community (past the barricades) for delivery of large/heavy items. Otherwise, schlepping carts are located in sheds on either end of the common house.