Great Oak Common House Solar Hot Water Heater Proposal Summary


We would like to install a 2 collector Solar Water Heater system in and on the Great Oak Common House to provide a renewable source of energy to heat water for the Common House.

The proposed system has been approved for rebate under the "Michigan Solar Domestic Hot Water Rebate" program. Details of the program are found at The rebate program obligates us to have the system installed and tested within the 90 days of approval. The approval was given on Jun 27, 2005, so the system must be installed by September 27, 2005. The installers with the winning bid are extremely busy and in addition to having to schedule the installation well in advance (2 weeks at least at this point), they will take several days to finish the installation, depending on the weather, so deciding on this proposal is time-critical.

The proposed system to be installed is described at and will be similar to the smaller systems installed on Units 24 and 11. Here is an artist's conception of the installed collectors courtesy of Ted Chesky and a close up of an installed collector:
artist's conception of GO CH
	    Solar hot water heater collectors Solar collector installation



A detailed technical summary of the project is available.

A detailed email about the proposed funding option is available at

R.P. Aditya
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