Community Work

As mentioned in our Book of Agreements, every member of our community is expected to take responsibility for their share of the work of running the community. There are many ongoing jobs to be done, where members tend to have 2-4 jobs per season, averaging about 8 hours per month.

We tend to favor - while making exceptions - to perform our own labor over hiring out tasks. Some advantages with this approach are that our memebers feel a greater sense of ownership, it helps to build community, and it works to offset some of the costs which would otherwise be added to our association fees.

We also traditionally hold a spring and fall work day to help make repairs, clean up, and spruce up our community.

List of jobs for Fall 2009

Buildings Committee convener                                
Buildings maintenance worker                                
Buildings lead maintenance worker                           
Common House Committee convener                                       
Common House maintenance coordinator                                  
Meal committee convener                                     
Meals scheduler                                             
Common House inventory/shopper                                        
Weekday Meal cleaner                                        
Weekday meal assistant cook                                 
Weekday meal head cook                                      
Sunday meal head cook                                       
Sunday meal assistant cook                                  
Meeting night takeout orderer                               
Meeting night cleaner                                       
Meals biller                                                
Meals billing tech                                          
Common House clean-up coordinator                                     
Common House porch cleaner                                            
Common House bathrooms cleaner                                        
Common House bathrooms spot cleaner                                   
Common House dining room cleaner                                      
Common House game and fitness room cleaner                            
Common House halls and common areas cleaner                           
Common House kids room cleaner                                        
Common House kitchen cleaner                                          
Common House sitting/media/guest room cleaner                         
Common House laundry room cleaner                                     
Returnables honcho                                          
Conflict Resolution co-convener                             
Finance and Legal Committee convener                        
General bookkeeper                                          
Check writer                                                
Check depositor                                             
Grounds Committee convener                                  
Landscape crew coordinator                                  
Tools and structures manager                                
Composting coordinator                                      
Composting and recycling coordinator                        
Truck coordinator                                           
Landscape crew                                              
Bike shed maintenance                                       
Aquarium manager                                            
Hot tub committee convener                                  
Hot tub committee counted member                            
Membership Commitee convener                                
Community meeting childcare                                 
Member database maintenance                                 
Counted Member/Inreach (Membership)                         
Fun coordinator                                             
Outreach Event Coordinator                                  
Child care coordinator for meetings                         
Process Committee convener                                  
LiLaCC Convener                                             
Archivist and bulletin boards                               
Book of agreements tech                                     
Infoco convener                                             
Agenda point person                                         
Facilitate traditional community meeting                    
Convene an alternative gathering                            
Minute taker for two community meetings                     
Book of Agreements content entry                            
GO-Net administrator                                        
GO-Net biller                                               
Website maintenance                                         
Website and member database maintenance                     
Steering convener                                           
Steering representative (Buildings)                         
Steering representative (Common House)                      
Steering representative (F and L)                           
Steering representative (Grounds)                           
Steering representative (Meals)                             
Steering representative (Membership)                        
Steering representative (Process)                           
Steering representative (Work)                              
Community work coordinator                                  
Work survey tech                                            
Allocation algorithm tech                                   
Counted member (Buildings)                                  
Counted member (Common House)                               
Counted member (Finance and Legal)                          
Counted member (Grounds)                                    
Counted member (Meals)                                      
Counted member (Membership)                                 
Counted member (Process)                                    
Counted member (Work)                                       
Tractor snow removal                                        
Snow and ice removal coordinator                            
Snow plowers                                                
Sandbox cleanup                                             
Common House Sunday night lockup                                      
Common House Monday night lockup                                      
Common House Tuesday night lockup                                     
Common House Wednesday night lockup                                   
Common House Thursday night lockup                                    
Common House Friday night lockup                                      
Common House Saturday night lockup                                    
Common House wax marmoleum floors                                     
Salt spreader                                               
Sunday Meal Cleaner                                         
Annual Budget Process Coordinator                           
Ambassador to Touchstone                                    
Hot Tub Maintenance                                         
Workshop Manager                                            
Grill Cleaner (once/week)