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The Great Oak Cohousing Association Book of Agreements is our collection of what others may describe as their "condominium documents". They are an extension of our Master Deed and Bylaws. As described in our Bylaws, we use a consensus decision making process, while using our vision statement for guidance. Our state incorporation papers and subsequent updates are also available on the State of Michigan's website.

Below is a select list of documents we have chosen to share with the public. We hope this may help other communities, or educate prospective members. Also, this web application software is available for download under an open source license.

Committee Date Agreement ID
Common House 2017-02-20 Common House Committee Mandate
Finance & Legal: Budget 2016-11-21 2017 Great Oak Budget
Great Oak Community 2016-05-23 Common House Access
Finance & Legal 2015-12-02 Great Oak Reserve Fund Study: 2015 - 2019 Funding Proposal
Finance & Legal: Budget 2015-11-04 2016 Great Oak Budget
Great Oak Community 2015-10-19 Endorsement of Scio Township Transportation Millage
Finance & Legal 2015-08-17 Adding/Removing Items From the Reserve Fund
Finance & Legal 2015-07-20 Great Oak Reserve Study 2015
Finance & Legal: Budget 2014-10-20 Great Oak 2015 Budget
Finance & Legal: Budget 2013-11-18 Great Oak 2014 final budget
Common House 2013-07-03 Solar Panels on Garages to Serve Common House Redux
Finance & Legal: Budget 2012-10-15 Great Oak 2013 operating budget
Finance & Legal: Budget 2011-11-02 Budget for 2012
Finance & Legal 2011-04-27 Great Oak Reserve Study 2010
Finance & Legal: Budget 2010-11-29 Budget for 2011
Process 2009-12-14 Community Guidelnes For Conducting Great Oak Business Via Email
Finance & Legal: Budget 2009-11-04 Budget for 2010
Common House 2009-03-16 Great Oak Common House Children Supervision Policy
Finance & Legal: Budget 2008-11-05 2009 Budget
Work 2008-10-20 Community Work Agreement
Process 2008-05-19 Meeting Guidelines Agreement, with new Input in Absentia section.
Membership 2008-01-21 Great Oak Membership Policy
Finance & Legal: Budget 2007-12-17 Great Oak Community Budget for 2008
Process: Infoco 2007-03-19 Infoco Mandate
Finance & Legal: Budget 2006-12-18 GO Budget for 2007
Lilacc 2006-06-24 pond use statement
Process 2006-06-04 Communication Pathway
Finance & Legal 2006-01-16 GO Finance and Legal Committee Mandate
Finance & Legal 2005-12-15 Great Oak Cohousing Final Zoning compliance
Finance & Legal: Budget 2005-11-21 GO Budget for 2006
Work 2005-10-05 Work Committee Mandate
Finance & Legal 2005-06-01 Amendment 2 to the Master Deed - Touchstone Cohousing storm drainage easement
Process 2005-06-01 Committee Effectiveness Proposal
Process 2005-05-16 Agreement Reconsideration Proposal
Finance & Legal: Budget 2005-01-17 GO Budget for 2005
Membership: Affordability 2005-01-05 Affordability Club Proposal
Grounds 2004-08-16 Proposal For Usage of Common Land Adjacent To Our LCEs
Common House 2004-07-07 Common House Room Use Proposal
Buildings 2004-06-02 Planting Trees and Shrubs within Limited Common Elements (LCEs)
Grounds 2004-04-19 Changes to the Great Oak Landscape: A Proposal to Empower the Grounds Cmtee
Meals 2004-02-16 GO Common Meals Proposal
Common House 2003-12-15 Common House Office Policy
Finance & Legal 2003-12-01 Amendment 1 to the Master Deed - Touchstone Cohousing access to wetlands
Common House 2003-11-16 Common House General Use Guidelines
Finance & Legal: Budget 2003-11-05 GO Budget for 2003-4
Buildings: ARC 2003-08-06 Interim Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
Great Oak Community 2003-08-06 Cat Clause
Grounds 2003-06-30 GO Fence Policy
Great Oak Community 2003-03-03 Pet Policy (minus the Cat section)
Process 2003-02-17 GO Minute-taking Guidelines
Process 2003-01-08 Conflict Resolution in Our Community
Finance & Legal 2002-06-22 Bylaws
Finance & Legal 2002-04-14 Exhibit B - Subdivision Plan
Finance & Legal 2002-04-14 Master Deed
Process 2002-04-01 Info on Stand-Asides and Blocks
Process 2001-09-17 Proposal Template proposal
Great Oak Community 2001-05-01 Great Oak's Vision Work, end of March to end of May 2001

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