Endorsement of Scio Township Transportation Millage

Great Oak Community 2015-10-19


From 10/19/2015 meeting minutes:

We\'ve discussed this Scio Transit topic a couple times before at GO

Helen: I\'m part of partners for transit. Worked for over a year on a
campaign to get the bus out here. We\\\'re asking for GO to be one of the
endorsers of the idea of having a millage. Many orgs and businesses have
signed it including Sunward.


Great Oak Endorsement of Expanded Bus Service and Millage

Endorsement reads as follows:

\"Resolution Endorsing the Scio Township Transportation Millage
Public transportation improves the quality of life for all residents by
offering them increased freedom, mobility and opportunity. It connects
communities to jobs, businesses, vital services, and social and cultural
activities. Public transportation helps build sustainable, prosperous, and
dynamic communities. It helps conserve our precious farmland and open
Therefore ___________________ endorses the campaign led by the Partners for
Transit to support passage on Nov 3, 2015 by voters in Scio Township of an
\"up to\" 0.3627 millage to extend AAATA bus service along Jackson Road from
the intersection of Wagner Road to Zeeb Road in 2016 and subsequently to
Baker Road in 2017 as well as new service to the Scio Ridge area.\"

Tevah, as Great Oak Cohousing\'s President (Convenor of Steering), will sign the endorsement

Process Comments:

Agreement reached without comments, questions or concerns.