Great Oak Reserve Study 2010

Finance & Legal 2011-04-27


Periodic update to the Great Oak Reserve. It will next be update in 2015. A link is provided to the full study.


The Great Oak Reserve is used to maintain the physical assets of the community.


Here are planned expenditures from the Reserve Study for 2011 and 2012,
listed by committee:


- Paint Porch \"flats\" in 2012 - $4,644

- Paint everything else in 2012 (not porch flats, not brown that was painted
previously) - $89,000

(many emails to buildings about how this painting could be scheduled
differently to accommodate doing all parts of porches this summer - ask
bldgs for more details about their plans)

- Painting - Reserve Study recommends the following should occur when major
painting happens:

Scope of work is assumed to include:

 Application of bleach solution to treat mold and mildew

 Power washing of the exterior to remove any loose coatings, dirt, etc.

 Re-nail any loose trim and siding

 Repair or replace any loose or split caulk. Caulk all butt joints at the

 Mask and protect all adjacent surfaces not painted

 Primarily spray application, with roll and brush application when

- Shingles -

We recommend that the Association implement a regular annual inspection
program to insure that trees are not rubbing against roof shingles, since
constant friction can dramatically shorten the Useful Life of the asphalt



- Replace countertops in 2012 - $4,110

(Notes in Reserve Update document on wiki)

- Replace carpet in 2011 - $3,770

- Laundry machines from 2003 - Replaced 2011. $3,800.



- 1st phase of replacement of underground cable - $1,125/year for next 8
years (with 3% annual increase; schedule is what Adi proposed) From our
Reserve Update notes:

The main costs above $2000 will be the underground cable
- the cost currently of running conduit is $4-5 per foot
- the path to each building is different so, here are my estimates based
on the path in the as-builts
bldg 1 525-527: 300 ft
bldg 2 528-530: 300 ft
bldg 3 531-533 (shared path with bldg 2 currently, moved to separate conduit
2007): 120 ft
bldg 4 534-537: 30 ft
bldg 5 522-524: 150 ft
bldg 6 518-520: 80 ft
bldg 7 514-517: 40 ft
bldg 8 501-503: 70 ft
bldg 9 511-513: 100 ft
bldg 10 507-510: 130 ft
bldg 11 504-506 (currently shares path with bldg 8, will be moved to a
separate conduit): 120 ft
Total: 1320 ft (not including bldg 3 that has a conduit as of 2007)
so approximately 1320 * $5 = $6600
and I would say we want to spend it over time, and here is my estimate
of priority:
bldg 11 (starting 2014; earlier if possible, but 2014 if we need to push it
3 yrs out for Reserve Funds to grow)
however once we do that we can think about moving it to a conduit ring
rather than a conduit \"star\" which would mean many fewer runs, but the
cost might not change substantially because we\'d have a switch in each

Link to full study (warning: large document!)

Process Comments:

Remember to post every reserve update to the BOA