Grounds Committee Mandate

Grounds 2012-06-06


The Grounds Committee is responsible for maintaining and planning the outdoor portion of the Great Oak physical plant, including landscape, hardscape, waste removal, amenities, and snow and ice removal. The Committee follows the Great Oak's standard three-bid process for financial commitments exceeding $500 and may occasionally forgo this process in certain cases.


The Grounds Committee is an empowered Standing Committee as outlined in our community agreement of April 19, 2004 ( Its mission is to focus on all maintenance of and planning for the outdoor portion of the Great Oak physical plant. Grounds' responsibilities include all common areas, as well as trees 'in Limited Common Elements (LCEs). LCEs are otherwise the responsibility of the adjacent unit owner.

Its task areas are as follows:

Landscape (plants, lawns, wetlands, unpaved paths, detention ponds, etc.)

Hardscape (asphalt and concrete surfaces, areas paved with bricks, stairways; signage)

Waste removal (garbage, recycling, composting)

Amenities (play structure, pergola, benches, etc.)

Landscape lighting


Tools in Community garages

Snow and ice removal


Other responsibilities: defining jobs for upkeep of grounds; organizing grounds jobs for Work Days.

The Grounds Committee has a Convener and counted members, one of whom serves as its representative to the Steering Committee. It will communicate its deliberations through promptly posted minutes. If the Committee concludes that an action would have far-reaching implications, would be likely to be high in impact, or if the Committee feels it does not have enough guidance or precedent for how the Community would wish it to act, it reserves the right to bring the matter in question before a Community business meeting for discussion.

Anyone may bring a proposal to the committee for consideration, preferably by attending a scheduled meeting of the committee. Input to the committee on proposals or projects in progress, or other matters within its purview, may also be provided at committee meetings, in person to a committee member, or in writing.

The Grounds Committee follows Great Oak's standard three-bid process for financial commitments exceeding $500. The committee may occasionally forgo this process in cases where the purchase is substantially similar to other purchases from the same vendor and it seems advantageous to continue the relationship with that vendor. Such exceptions will be noted in committee meeting minutes.

The Garden Group assumes general operation of the garden. The Grounds Committee coordinates with the Garden Group in situations where garden activities may have an impact on surrounding areas. The Garden Group is responsible for the upkeep of the plots and the paths and will consult with the Grounds Committee when necessary.


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