Budget for 2010

Finance & Legal: Budget 2009-11-04


Description 2010 Budget Notes

Buildings D Bike shed doors 0 Materials to be bought this year for spring installation (this did not happen--now what?)
Buildings R Buildings maintenance 10000
Buildings D Comm. Infrastructure
Buildings D Gutters 0
Buildings D Workshop operating 500
Buildings R Fire suppression inspection 1500
Buildings R Backflow preventer inspection 750
Buildings R Workshop construction loan 1400
Buildings Total 14150

CH D CH Improvements 2000
CH D Hot tub initial (deleted 2008)
CH I CH Office rent (4560) What needs to change now that we have a tenant?
CH R CH service/repairs 1000
CH R CH Supplies 1000
CH R CH Utilities 9300
breakout of CH Utilities:
CH Electric 3000
CH Gas (& solar hot water to 2009) 2849
Solar hot water (separate 2010) 252
CH water/sewer 1584
Garage/Parking lot electric 931
CH Phone
Satellite 650
Total 9266
CH Total 18006

Finance D Bookkeeping 600
Finance D Operating 100
Finance R Insurance 13000
Finance R Professional fees 2000
Finance Total 15700

Grounds D Equipment maintenance (deleted 2008)
Grounds D Grounds maintenance (deleted 2008)
Grounds D Improvement projects 2000
Grounds D Landscaping 1500
Grounds D Umbrellas and seating 500
Grounds D Operating 250
Grounds D Soil upgrade (deleted 2008)
Grounds D Truck maintenance 1200 Treat this as reserve ("rollover") item (i.e., don't include in rebate) (accumulating to $3600)
Grounds D Mowing 1380
Grounds R Equipment replacement 200
Grounds R Garbage removal 1700
Grounds R Recycling 1430
Grounds R Snow removal operating 1300
Grounds R Truck insurance and fees 350 Using $750 from TS payments
Grounds R Truck replacement 0 Fund has maxed out at $12000; Use $750 income from TS
Grounds Total 11810

Membership D Childcare (deleted 2008)
Membership D Cohousing Association 200
Membership D Communities magazine 0
Membership D Consumer Reports online 26
Membership D FIC membership 100
Membership D Fun 500
Membership D LiLaCC supplies 0
Membership D Living well with children (deleted 2009) 0
Membership D Outreach 400
Membership D Web hosting 170
Membership Total 1396

Process D Archives 100
Process D Community training/facil. 1800
Process D Display materials 100
Process D Meeting supplies 300
Process D Member resources 300
Process R Laird facilitation (deleted 2008)
Process Total 2600

Steering D Critical needs 2000
Steering Total 2000

Tech D Comm. infrastructure Treat this as reserve ("rollover") item (i.e., don't include in rebate)
Tech D Internet & CH phone 3600
Tech Total 3600

Required 44930
Discretionary 19626
Total Expenses 64556

Income (projected) (4560)
Total Operating 59996

Monthly per household 135.13