Workshop Committee Mandate Approved 8.17.09

Workshop 2009-08-17


The Workshop Committee is a Standing Committee that manages a workshop facility for community projects and individual users, with the mandate to construct and operate the shop in a safe and fair manner. The committee is responsible for creating and maintaining general operating rules, managing operating funds, and coordinating with other committees to facilitate community projects, among other duties.


Committee Name: Workshop
We are a Standing Committee, a subcommittee of Common House.


Committee Name: Workshop

We are a Standing Committee, a subcommittee of Common House.

Are we empowered?

Yes. The Workshop Committee is empowered to set and enforce day-to-day operating rules as specified in the Workshop Governance agreement approved by the full community. The committee is also empowered to manage its operating funds as it sees fit.

Our Mission: What is our global task in service to the community?

Manage a workshop facility that will safely and efficiently serve as a resource for projects that benefit the community, and for the pleasure and education of individual users.

Our Mandate: What did the community ask us to do?

- construct the workshop
- operate the shop in a safe and fair manner for all users

What are we responsible for?

See Mission above.

What aren't we responsible for?

- maintenance of the building exterior (maintenance to be the responsibility of Buildings)
- performing specific community or personal projects (we only manage the facility and provide support and resources to allow those projects to happen)

What is expected of committee members?

- create and maintain shop general operating rules that allow fair sharing of shop resources among users, with priority given to community projects
- participate in decisions regarding changes or additions to the equipment and fixtures in the shop
- contribute labor to shop operations such as periodic cleaning and maintenance of equipment or enhancements to interior fixtures


What projects/proposals are we currently working on?
What are the timelines?

- completing the workshop building (summer 2009)
- installing shop machinery, equipment and fixtures (summer/fall 2009)
- ongoing shop improvements as needs and budget permit

Where do we get our funding?

- Community and personal loans for shop construction
- Possible outside (e.g., Touchstone/CDC) contribution toward construction
- Shop user fees
- Community-provided annual operating budget

Work Positions:

(Some of these positions may be combined or met outside of the GO work system.)

Convener/Shop Manager
Responsibilities include:

- contact with shop users and community to set meeting agendas
- report to Steering and Common House as relevant or necessary
- ensure that all shop users receive a general orientation and safety training as needed, based on the equipment they intend to use
- assist in coordinating sharing of shop resources and attempt to resolve conflicts over space usage and scheduling
- work with other committees to facilitate community projects with other shop users
- ensure compliance with shop operating rules and adjust user privileges accordingly; the shop manager is specifically empowered to revoke shop access and/or privileges should user behavior warrant it (such decisions can be reviewed by the full committee if necessary)

Equipment Manager
Responsibilities include:

- order shared shop supplies as needed
- coordinate necessary maintenance of shop equipment and fixtures with other committee members and shop users as specified in the operating rules
- assist in advance planning for replacement of obsolete/worn out equipment, or enhancements to the complement of shop equipment
- evaluate and approve equipment donations prior to installation in the shop

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