pond use statement

Lilacc 2006-06-24


A Report from the ad-hoc Committee on Pond Use, sponsored by LiLaCC (the Little Lake Cohousing Council)

The ponds on the west side of Little Lake Drive between Sunward and Great Oak/Touchstone are available for use by all three cohousing communities.

Recommendations for how ponds can be used safely and enjoyably:

1. Boats should be out of the water and locked up when not in use.
2. Boats should be stored away from the road.
3. PFDs (personal flotation devices) should be available for use when in a boat.

Further recommendations may be made as our discussions continue.

If you have comments or questions, please contact committee members:

Jeff at Great Oak (669-0915)
Mary Beth at Touchstone (222-6414)
Roberta at Sunward (665-6752)

A second general forum will be held on Thursday, July 6, at 7:15, in the Great Oak dining room. We hope to have information on a storage rack for boats and will discuss donation and maintenance of boats.