Agreement Reconsideration Proposal

Process 2005-05-16


A proposal to replace the original agreement from 2002, about revisiting consensus decisions.


One or more households may seek reconsideration of a previous community decision, by submitting a new proposal after meeting the following requirements. Note that the standing decision remains in effect during this reconsideration process.

Have the people or circumstances that drove the original decision changed?
Has the decision had enough time to work?
Has the decision had unforeseen negative consequences?
Do new residents bring concerns that were not relevant or were not considered at the time of the original consensus?
Did the community (or committee) not follow our agreed process in reaching the decision?
Is this decision having a bad effect on the community, or just me?
Are there others in the community who share my concerns?
Can my concern be addressed without involving the whole community?
Do I fully understand the history and reasoning behind the original decision?
Have I addressed my concern to the committee responsible for the issue?

After the above requirements are addressed, and the decision to proceed with the posing of a replacement proposal is made, the next step is to work with InfoCo to schedule time during a community meeting:

To let the community know of your intent to write a replacement proposal
To review your answers to the required questions of this reconsideration agreement, during a community meeting
To allow the community to give initial feedback that may be used in the replacement proposal
To elicit ideas that may either resolve the issue or lead to a more effective specification of the replacement proposal

After this meeting, talking with community members who represent a spectrum of views prior to the writing of a replacement proposal is strongly recommended. Then write the proposal using the proposal template.

At a subsequent community meeting:

After circulation of the replacement proposal to relevant committees and to the community, you or your representative present the replacement proposal using our normal process for proposal consideration. Note: this is a three-meeting process.


This proposal enables a person or persons to effect changes in our community.
The proposal contains requirements to be met before reconsideration. These
requirements mandate close examination of the standing agreement before
engaging the community in reconsideration debate.


This proposal removes the restriction of obtaining the support of six households
for agreement reconsideration.


Also discussed on 3/2/2005, 3/21/2005,

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