Common House Room Use Proposal

Common House 2004-07-07


Common House Room Use Proposal


That the community approve the following guidelines for using the Common House, a shared resource, in order to:

o Make it as comfortable as possible
o Ensure everyone's safety
o Maximize the use
o Protect our investment



o Clean up after ourselves, and leave each room better than we found it.
o Be kind to our friends and neighbors.
o Use indoor voices.
o Talk to each other to solve problems and ask for help if we need it.
o Walk instead of run in the CH.
o Except for special events when a room is reserved, everyone gets to be included in every room, as long as they are meeting the room guidelines.
o Keep the hallways clear.
o Remember that people may be working in the offices, or sleeping in the guest room, and observe quiet hours (9:00pm to 9:00am weekdays and from 11:00pm to 9:00am on weekends)
o Treat the cubbies just like the mailboxes � they are private.


The Exercise Room
o Adult supervision is required for children to use the exercise room.
o A list of children who are ready to use the exercise room without supervision will be maintained and posted in the room.

The Sitting Room
o This room is primarily for quiet activities and small meetings
o For safety, only adults can use the fireplace

The Guest Room
o The host will provide bedding, and make sure the room is cleaned after their guests leave
o The Guest Room Keys should be stored in the key box when not in use

The Kitchen
o Children in the kitchen must have an adult supervising.
o During meal preparation, the head cook is in charge in the kitchen.

The Dining Room
o Everyone should clean up after themselves if they use the dining room.
o To protect the tables, please don't sit on them.

The Kids' Playroom
o The playroom is always available for GO kids to play � it cannot be reserved for special events.
o We will keep the playroom safe for all the kids who want to play there.

The Media Room
o Please close the door when watching TV or listening to music.
o Children need parent's agreement before using the media room.

The Game Room
o The games in this room will be larger, primarily for older children and adults.
o Younger children need adult supervision when using this room.
o Please treat all equipment with respect, and only use them as intended.
o The piano is not a toy, and needs to be treated with extra care.

Laundry Room
o Use the signs provided to instruct folks on what to do with laundry if we don't return before our load is done.
o Please use only non-scented products in the machines labeled "scent-free".
o Please clean the lint traps after every use.
o Please keep the door to this room closed.
o Out of respect for other people who use this room, please collect your laundry in a timely fashion.

Special Events
If you host an event where there will be a number of folks coming from outside Great Oak, please:
o Be sure you have reserved any space in the CH you need
o Ask your guests to park along Little Lake Dr. or in the cul-de-sac if possible*
o Inform the community through signs or emails if it's a large group
o Inform you guests of our CH guidelines
o *Of course, there may be times when you need your guests to park close and may ask GO members to temporarily park elsewhere.


Also discussed 5/17/2004

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