The following answers to this question have been provided by members of the Great Oak, Sunward, and Touchstone cohousing communities.

– Intergenerational interaction is nourishing to the spirit.

– Provides context of reality for us – multi-generational living in the wider world.

– Gives us many opportunities to contribute (maybe more than others).

– Keeps us active.

– Provides support from our peers and from younger members of the community in times of need.

– Gives opportunities to be needed and useful with resulting fostering of self-esteem.

– Provides outlet for accumulated wisdom (we hope).

– Gives all benefit of community that is closer (more intentional) than a neighborhood.

– Provides companionship, especially for singles and especially during the day.

– Shared resources and shared knowledge.

– Help with physical tasks and with technology.

– All different ages.

– Fresh ideas.

– You can help others and others can help you.
– Safety; companionship; resources

– Companionship: easy chances for interaction and involvement with neighbors.

– If multigenerational, a wider perspective than that of my age cohort alone.

– Living proof of the trends in changing lifestyles.

– A chance of finding someone who can lift something heavy, fix something mechanical, or help seniors with the latest electronic technology.

– Those of us who are retired like to know that there are people around during the day whom we know.

– It’s good to be able to live with all different ages.

– It is good to be intergenerational.  We enjoy interacting with children and younger families.

– Younger members can do the physically demanding jobs.

– Companionship/support from others of similar age.

– Answers, solutions, and resources for life concerns (references).

– Help with physical/technological tasks (when offered and asked for).

– People around during the day.

– Cohousing is good for seniors because it keeps both them and others in an age integrated environment which is important in an age segregated society.

– When elders are able to look out their window and walk out their door or fully participate in an intergenerational activity, it keeps their world “big” and increases the quality of their lives.  As their world becomes or remains bigger they feel more of a sense of purpose, and as they share their wisdom, more of a sense of usefulness.

– Interactions and relationships with others of all ages is what keeps us alive!

– Living in a cohousing community also gives seniors the security of knowing that there is help available from a younger person.

– Provides 24/7 opportunities for diversity.

– It’s good for seniors to be challenged by the various younger generations as to art, music, politics, technology, etc.

– The very nature of cohousing keeps members physically more active than in a conventional neighborhood: hours of prescribed community work; walking to garage, dumpster, garden, the common house.

– Social and caring advantages: we all know each other and can feel comfortable requesting help or to borrow items; we can feel useful for the same reasons and feel needed; social activities with other ages are most welcome.

– Cohousing allows seniors to maintain their independence for a longer period of time while also providing a safety net of others who are willing to help out when needed.

– Seniors can feel a sense of worth and belonging. They can impart wisdom and promote a sense of stability.

– Because I like people around me from all ages, not just the bracket I’m in.

– I want to hear different thoughts and ideas.

– I have no desire to live in a nice house or condo in a nice neighborhood and not know the people on my block.

– One never knows when I may need another’s help.

– Someday I will die.  I prefer to die in a place I helped build.

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