The following agreements were consensed upon at community meetings in 2009.  For more detailed information please see the Book of Agreements.

  • Common House Sharing Agreement with TS (2009-02-16).  Please note that this agreement did not take effect in 2009.
  • Great Oak Common House Children Supervision Policy (2009-03-16).
  • Quorum Change (2009-04-20). 
  • Workshop Committee Mandate (2009-08-17).
  • Overall Community Workshop Policy (2009-09-21).
  • Budget for 2010 (2009-11-04).
  • Community Guidelines for Conducting Great Oak Business via Email (2009-12-14).
  • Payment of Late Association Fees Policy (2009-12-14).  A policy to address what happens when a household is late paying their association fees.