January 2006


This past Thursday, Dec. 22, saw heavy usage at the Great Oak Commmon House. In addition to Judith’s regular Thurdsday Origami Group, a Solstice celebration organized by the Clarks and the (Mary) King family Christmas bake-off, there was an informal Art Show hosted by Sarah Ross.

The show featured paintings by Sarah, Catherine Lankford and Maria Beaugrand all of whom where students in the Fall 2006 session of Painting I at Washtenaw Community College. Our instructor, Nemanja Rosic, as well as friends, family and neighbors of the exhibitors also attended. There were light snacks, including cookies from Mary’s bake-off. A very artsy time was had by all.
The Art Wall At the Art Show

To see more pictures from the show, including some close-ups of the paintings go to: Art Show pics…

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Sunward Cohousing, our neighbor to the North, wanted to “liberate” some ex-members who had defected (opted to move to) to Great Oak. They decided to launch a water balloon assault…(the refrigerator boxes in the truck were not what they appeared — click on the image for more photos):
Great Oak vs. Sunward 2006 water balloon fight

Sneakily, some Sunwardians snuck into Great Oak in the early morning and added flow-restrictors to all the hoses, which limited the retaliatory options! Sunward’s General, George, was captured late in the battle, but unfortunately at the cost of Jillian, an ex-Sunwardian being kidnapped. An amicable swap, followed by a BBQ well-attend by both communities served to patch up differences…till next year!

Here’s a video of the mayhem:

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