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When Great Oak was initally built, direct-bury Category 5 copper cable was run between the Common House and each building, with two 4-pair cables running into each unit. Unfortunately, as we’ve started using up the pairs, we’ve found that some of the cables have been compromised (possibly cut into during or after construction). The worst affected building is down to 4-8 working pairs out of the initial 24 pairs that was originally installed! Since this is the basic communications infrastructure of the community that has been compromised, we had to fix it, and we decided to run new cables to the worst-affected building but this time in conduit. So we found a contracter, USA Utilities, who came out with a directional boring machine that bored from the Common House west entrance (closest to the network closet) to the affected building, under the Common House South lawn and only had to disturb one flower bed where the CH foundation didn’t allow for any deeper burial of the conduit. In about 2 hours they had covered the 280-foot span at a depth of 2.5 feet on average, and pulled the conduit through with a pull rope so we can pull more Cat-5 cable through (direct bury and with a ground wire). This of course doesn’t come cheap – $1980 for the run. We have to budget in future for other buildings which aren’t as badly off but are in peril in any case!

Pictures as a documentation of our effort may be found by clicking the picture below:

Great Oak conduit laying

We will run the cable through this conduit at a future date…more details when that happens!

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Scio township, where Great Oak is located, so far, does not have good public transportation — the closest AATA public bus stop is 1.3 miles away at Wagner and Jackson. However, the township is trying to make public transportation more available as it can. To that end, The People’s Express is available for qualifying Scio Township residents to receive Transportation rides for $1.00, through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. Income limits are in effect. For details, see