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Great Oak just celebrated its 5th anniversary with a fabulous talent show and party!

Great Oak 2007 Anniversary

We  had music, dancing, snakes, dragons, grape-hoarding, band-name unveiling, storytelling, stage-shyness, anti-art and much, much more!

life in community , news , performances

The game room in the Great Oak Common House has a large wall used as a projection screen;

Great Oak Common House Game Room with Movie screen Great Oak Movie night album Great Oak Movie night album
it is painted with screen-goo which is a

specially formatted, highly reflective acrylic paint, designed specifically for the video projection industry. Screen Goo acrylic paint allows one to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen.

Combined with a LCD projector, DVD player and some speakers, we have a very enjoyable, community, movie experience periodically. The movies have ranged from a “Portrait of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist whose specialty is ephemeral sculptures made from elements of nature.” in Rivers and Tides to The Adventures of Robin Hood with Erol Flynn and Apollo 13 and to a Bollywood favorite, Dil Chahta hai, that was accompanied with popcorn flavored with chat masala and samosas as a snack during intermission as part of a member’s birthday celebration!

Most recently, it was Groundhog Day, albeit a bit early for Spring, but hope springs eternal!

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Maybe this post doesn’t address all that, but it does showcase the talent that drives the Great Oak band.

Once upon a time, several years ago, my friend John & I wrote a little songy. We subsequently made a video which laid dormant, more or less, until the technology of video sharing caught up.

Now it’s on YouTube.

Check it out! Share with your friends! Watch it often!

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Halloween is a holiday celebrated seriously at Great Oak, and 2006 was no exception. Click on the picture for our album of pictures from this groovy holiday:
Great Oak Halloween 2006 album

This year, the resident Great Oak band played, after trick-or-treating, scary favorites like “Monster Boogie” in front of the Common House — the crowd kept warm by dancing or huddling around the brazier!

Great Oak Band at Halloween 2006 Great Oak Band outside CH at Halloween 2006

37 households provide a lot of treats, but if that isn’t enough, Sunward Cohousing, Touchstone Cohousing and Eagle Point apartments are all nearby with a large host of welcoming haunted houses.

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John Sinclair Performs Sunday, August 6, 8:30 PM (doors open 8 PM)
Backed by Blue Stone Project, Grammy nominee, Nammy winner, Native American-based music. Limited tickets available; $15 at the door or advanced tickets $12 at Nicola’s Books, Westgate Shopping Center at Jackson and Maple, Ann Arbor. See also the John Sinclair radio show website (Radio Free Amsterdam).