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Great Oak just celebrated its 5th anniversary with a fabulous talent show and party!

Great Oak 2007 Anniversary

We  had music, dancing, snakes, dragons, grape-hoarding, band-name unveiling, storytelling, stage-shyness, anti-art and much, much more!

life in community , music , news , performances

Maybe this post doesn’t address all that, but it does showcase the talent that drives the Great Oak band.

Once upon a time, several years ago, my friend John & I wrote a little songy. We subsequently made a video which laid dormant, more or less, until the technology of video sharing caught up.

Now it’s on YouTube.

Check it out! Share with your friends! Watch it often!

music , news , performances

John Sinclair Performs Sunday, August 6, 8:30 PM (doors open 8 PM)
Backed by Blue Stone Project, Grammy nominee, Nammy winner, Native American-based music. Limited tickets available; $15 at the door or advanced tickets $12 at Nicola’s Books, Westgate Shopping Center at Jackson and Maple, Ann Arbor. See also the John Sinclair radio show website (Radio Free Amsterdam).